Thursday, 16 May 2013

Battery Box discussions

Spoke to Brent last night on what he had discussed with Steve about the battery box placement and sizes/costs etc.

It looks like it is going to work out quite nicely, it seems I will have 3 battery boxes, 1 each side of the forward motor mount, and a third in the front bonnet underneath the spare wheel (should be able to retain the spare wheel and tray in the flip forward style bonnet)

He also said that he had mocked up the boxes and sent the details to the box fabricators (TIG weld specialists) and that they were getting back to him with prices, he also thought that they would not be happy to use the old “Dirty” Ali that I have and that they would probably want to use new Ali to avoid any extra time being wasted cleaning the Ali before welding.

Ho Hum, it seems that welders just like builders don't like to reuse and recycle! Oh well it is more important to me now to just get the boxes made pronto as I am desperate to not have the build stall for any reason, so I will probably just go with the welders Brent uses depending on cost. 

Brent was concerned about me supplying the charger for sizing purposes as he need to know if there is any more cutting of the boot required before they begin jet washing the underneath and wire brushing ready for under sealing (I have specifically requested this as I need the car to last 10 years to be economically viable)

I have told (guaranteed) Brent that I could make the charger fit the right hand side of the “mini” boot without the need to cut anything, I am going to pop over to the mechanics this lunchtime to mock up a box in cardboard so I can be sure I can fit the space available, I also need to make sure that I can cool the charger effectively, I will discuss options for this with Brent, there is a convenient fan sized hole right where the charger will go that I hope to use for air cooling with a fan/s.

Brent also mentioned the need for a transformer to convert the output from the Soliton JR to 12V (it does not supply this) Brent thought that I should already know about this (I do remember a brief discussion with Steve on this but was not aware of extra parts required, I will check this with Steve).

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