Monday, 11 November 2013

New 15” alloys for more grip in the wet!

After driving the Beat for 3 weeks it had become apparent after the first of the many winter rains to come that now that the EV has three times the torque it had as an ICE car it was severely lacking grip especially in the wet.

I nearly lost it one morning on the way to work after I put a little too much pressure on the pedal pulling out of a mini roundabout and had to correct some serious unintentional drift (That got my heart rate up!)

At that point I decided that it was time to invest in some wider alloys, a week of searching on eBay turned up some very nice reconditioned 15” 7” wide BBS style alloys for £250, I bought these and collected them from Burgess Hill at the weekend in the EV.

Unfortunately I was pushing my range limit (Still don't have the LVC cut off fitted! SHIT!) and I had not factored in the extra 30kg of alloy that I would be carrying so I ran out of juice about 20 meters from my front door, managed to coast it the last 20 meters with the car learching from an uneven power delivery.

Took me around 5 minutes to get the car in and on charge, I was rushing to get both chargers plugged in and charging ASAP as I understand from speaking with Steve that if I take the cells too low for even a few minutes I can kill them dead (as I did with the 12v LIFEPO last week! Which is now fugged).

I think I was very lucky on this occasion as all the cells seem to have recovered fine and I gave the whole car a good full charge to make sure, checking each cell on each series bank with my widget to make sure it all looked good.

I immediately went inside to start looking at getting the LVC wired & working.

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