Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Blown Gearbox?

Ok so now this is starting to wear a little thin but guess what yup I done blew it again!
Basically I have been driving the car no more than 2 weeks since picking it up after its new brushes and bearing were fitted and the day before yesterday I was driving home from a short visit to the mother in laws and POP WHIIIIRRRR! The sound of grinding teeth coming from the gearbox, initially I assumed that the motor has simply popped out of its collar but after speaking with Brent it seems that I may well have blown the gearbox (as my assumptions are simply impossible there is no room for movement in the collar and the motor is clamped tightly to the gearbox)
And now I think of it my worst fears are unfortunately coming true I had initially worried about the fact that I was potentially putting 3 times the torque through this little gearbox and my initial plans were to lose the gearbox completely, however due to the transverse gearbox arrangement it was decided (to my annoyance) that it would be simpler to keep the existing gearbox, I am now regretting that decision.
What I should have done, and will now probably have to do is dump the expensive coupling plate and collar and all the motor mounts again expensively constructed and source a differential that is capable of taking some serious torque and get this and its matching rear wheel hubs fitted under the beat, dump the whole Beat gearbox, axels and wheel hubs and fit the motor inline as I had originally planned.
Alternatively I find out what has broken and replace it like for like with parts sourced on line from somewhere! (this could be difficult or impossible) 

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