Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Brushes and bearing arrived in double quick time!

Despite my partner moaning about the cost of shipping from Bulgaria I was astonished to find the brushes and bearings arrived in double quick time on Friday 7th in fact I had only just sent an email to Kostov asking for a tracking number and they arrived! Which is odd because Kostov had given me the impression that the brushes would need preparing and that they may have them ready for sending by the 5th or 6th, So I had sent an email asking (politely) what sort of preparation brushes required to which I got a big fat silence! Followed by the parts arrival on my doorstep on the 7th! I wonder if this may be a “lost in translation” issue. Anyway due to me not knowing exactly when the parts would be here and assuming they would be sent over land (not air freight) I mistakenly assumed they would be a while and did not book my mechanic to get the Honda in for fitting of said brushes and bearings, the upshot of this is that he 18th is the earliest he can do it much to my partners dismay!

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