Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Silicone sheet delivery imminent!

I had also ordered the silicone separators from a company called Silex they have cut them to size for me for very little extra cost, let’s hope it is all good when it arrives, I went for plain white 1.5mm 40shore (the shore rating I have discovered is the hardness of the silicone sheet) I checked with a sales rep that 40 shore was approximately the same as a standard baking sheet and was assured that it was, I also checked with them that it was 100% insulating with no impurities that would compromise it’s electrical insulating capability again I was assured it was, I only checked this as I discovered on their website that they sell conductive silicone! Which in my mind was like being able to by insulating copper or dry liquid!
So fingers crossed I may be in a position to start laying out the blocks of cells for a sizing for the Ali battery boxes I need to get made, I am planning on keeping them all under the bonnet this time as there is plenty of room and the weight should nicely compensate for the lack of engine and gearbox and laying the cells out so that they are lying flat in blocks of 30 top to bottom (so 30 high) the space under the bonnet appears to give room for 5 blocks of 30 wide so that would be 150 cells and seeing as I need to get 350 under the bonnet with possible room to upgrade to 400 cells (to give me a 300v nominal rather than 260v nominal as advised by Steve, So room for an additional 50 cells), That would be 2 full rows (of 150 cells) and a row with 100 cells at either the front or back, Each of these rows will be separate boxes of cells bolted to a frame exactly as the previous EV but all in one place, The boxes will be linked in series as before and as before I will need to run cables for LVC/HVC and balance leads although this time I am going to use ODBII Cables as they are much better in the damp that JST connectors (which are shit for EV use!) I may also have an issue sourcing more of the methods LVC/HVC boards as Steve tells me that he has stopped making them and Steve has no stock AFAIK bummer, these are really good boards.
Still I have just started collaborating on a BMS with Simon Rafferty who UI met at the BMMF this year and is famed in DIY EV circles for being the inspiration behind the EMW high voltage charger design, so maybe this will fit the bill, watch this space ;-)

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