Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Beat goes in for brush and bearing replacement

I finally got the Beat booked in for brush and bearing replacement and I also asked Brent to fit a protective aluminium tray on the underside of the car to protect against water and dirt ingress into the motor area (I had previously thought that water and dirt were the primary cause of the early brush and bearing failure but on second thoughts I feel that the most likely cause is the lack if RPM monitoring/limiting)
And after getting the Beat back from Brent with its new brushes and bearings and a shiny new aluminium under tray (1.2mm) Brent informed me that he had taken most of the time cleaning up the dirt and grit from the motor so that he could fit the new bearing so I now feel that the tray is money well spent.
However Brent did not get time to do the front tray to protect the front battery box from water ingress in the same way and I now feel that this is also a requirement (I will book it in soon for the front tray).

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